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Sidewalk power washing services in Rochester Hills MI

Power Washing Services Rochester Hills ​
No need to search for “power washing near me” anymore! Our team is ready to provide the best power cleaning services by providing safe, speedy, and thorough power pressure cleaning work. Our professional services include residential power cleaning, commercial power washing, fleet washing, and many more by utilizing various pressure techniques that are safer and better. We will ensure exceptional cleaning solutions that will assist you keep everything you own and manage in brand new condition, so call us today! 248-460-9193

Did you know?

Power Washing Rochester Hills utilizes various power washing equipment and tools to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum, and dirt from all surfaces. We will accomplish thorough and clean washing while removing dirt, algae, and grime without destroying paint and other building materials such as bricks and concrete. We have just the right tools to pressure wash a variety of materials and improve the value of your properties.

Benefits of Power Washing

Masonry Atlanta is the premier provider of concrete and brickwork repair services in Atlanta, GA. Our team of experts are trained to respond to different kinds of faults in your masonry with the best-suited methods and high-grade materials. We also rebuild fireplaces, porch, and chimneys that are damaged beyond repair. When you call to make an appointment, our professional masonry contractors will inspect the structure to determine the most appropriate solution. So you can relax and trust our team to deliver excellent results when you hire us.

Increased Value

Pressure washing surfaces around your property is essential for maintaining your residential areas and other business properties you may own or manage. Having our professional team pressure wash house and buildings can help improve the value of the structure and make the building look newer and cleaner.

Cleanness and Pleasantness

Power washing can make the work/home environment even better and pleasant by eliminating potential harmful substances such as dust, dirt, mildew, algae, pollen, pollutants, and bird droppings. Impress your guests, clients, employees, the loved ones, and yourself with its fresh look!

Increased Value

Did you know that bird dropping is extremely acidic and can actually weaken the roof/gutter system of a commercial property? This can lead to a collapsed roof or break. Mold growth, algae, and dirt build-up can also wear away at a building, causing rot and damages. Certain building materials such as brick may deteriorate over time when it’s left unwashed. Regular pressure washing services will save your business and homes in maintenance costs by lowering any deterioration or repair risks. 

Prevent Injuries

Not only just the walls, windows, and roof, have other spaces of the property shine and clean. Unsightly gum and garbage stains can be removed on your concrete driveways/walkways. Let our professional help prevent slips and falls by removing grease and mold with the best power washing services. ​​

Services We Offer

We specialize in a soft wash system which utilizes low pressure washing technique for your sidings. Our washing method is safe and gentle for vinyl, aluminum, stucco, hard wood, and many other surfaces. Not only our soft washing technique will keep your siding from damage, we do not use harmful chemicals during our power washing services. Our cleaning solution is safe for your house and the environment to clean off all organic growth and promises long lasting results. We know how to replace your furniture and other belongings to guarantee thorough washing. Have our professionals get rid of unattractive build-up to restore a tidier look to brand new!

Before and after power cleaning services on home exterior surface in Rochester Hills MI

If there’s one thing that all trucks have in common, it’s their need to be cleaned. We provide vehicle and fleet owners with simple and cost effective washing. Federal ,State, and Local authorities pressure the trucking and refining companies to comply with regulations for vehicle washing to prevent and limit contaminants found in wastewater from entering storm drains. Maintaining regular power cleaning removes corrosive factors such as oil, salt, and grime. Rochester Pressure Washing services can help extend the life of your fleet’s exterior paint and undercarriage. It only takes one visit on our site or phone call to make an appointment and request for a quote. Let our skilled technicians maximize the convenience while minimizing hassles through the process. ​

mobile home washing with pressure hose in Rochester Hills MI

Deck WashingOur skilled technicians will clean any accumulated dirt and dust such as mildews, spills, and molds. Our thorough washing processes will bring back the pleasant look of your deck. 

Roof Cleaning: Power cleaning on your roof will remove any black algae streak, bird dropping, dirt, and dust in the roof while preserving the shingles. Allow us to help you prevent roofs from collapsing and break from mold growth, algae, and dirt build-up.

​Paver Restoration: Pressure washing can lfit contaminants, lesson oil stain appearances, and give a clean look by removing mildew, dirt, algae, weeds, and allergens. After removing weeds, algae, and old sand, the surfaces will be refilled with polymeric jointing sand which will hold the pavers and prevent weeds from coming back. We utilize a high-quality sealer not only to improve the appearances, but also prevents the algae and weeds from easily growing back. ​

House Washing: By applying soft-pressure cleaning technique, we will beautify your home once again without harming the sidings.

​Concrete Sealing and Cleaning: ​Rochester power cleaning erases built-up dirt, debris, and stains from concrete surfaces. With proper maintenance and cleaning, help us increase their lifespan and keep your outdoor spaces clean and neat!

Power Washing Rochester Hills can do so much more for you. Just contact us and let us know how we may assist you in your cleaning/maintenance needs with power pressure washing. If you are looking for other residential power washing services that are not mentioned above, don’t worry – we got it all for you!

Playground Sanitation and Equipment Cleaning: Playground may be one of the happiest places on earth for the children. While the top priority for children is to have fun, the top priority for the parents is safety. Our professionals can clean outdoor playground equipment such as swings, see-saws, climbing frames, monkey bars, towers, sandboxes, and etc. 
Gutter Cleaning and Emptying: Avoid costly water damage repair by properly cleaning and emptying your gutter.
Deck Staining: ​To prevent your deck from rotting and aging due to stain, our team utilizes a fresh stain coat with the amazing result. ​

Power Washing RH can help you make a good first impression for your employees, clients, customers, and many others. We will help you increase the value of your commercial property by providing services such as the following:
Loading Dock Cleaning
Building Exterior Cleaning
Sidewalk Washing
Rust Stain Removal 
​We do not use harmful chemicals and incorporates apply just the right technique to keep your commercial properties clean and beautiful with no harm.

Commercial building pressure cleaning service

​Moss absorbs the moisture from the damp environment and establishes roots on your roof causing the beginning of roof degradation. Keeping your roof and the surfaces clean from the moss is essential since the roots can also lift up shingles and constant moisture can lead to bacteria and mold growth. Give us a call today and we will keep both commercial and residential properties clean and free from moss and many other harmful agents.

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